About Us


Howitzer’s mission is to break through obstacles and barriers.  Our aim is to help our customers break through their opponents’ barriers by providing you with the highest quality hockey sticks equipped with the latest technology available.

We also have a goal to break through societies’ barriers and contribute positively to children in need through our Howitzer Heroes program.

Howitzer is a Canadian owned and operated designer and distributor of the highest quality hockey sticks on the market.  Our sticks allow our customers to play at their highest level on the ice and in society.

We apply the highest standards of excellence in our designs to offer you a cutting-edge, professional level stick complete with ultra-light and ultra-durable components to elevate your game to the next level.  By applying an uncompromising level of excellence to our sticks’ performance, as well as our Howitzer Heroes program, Howitzer puts people first in absolutely everything we do.


Our “people first and always” mentality is 100% transparent in how we operate our business.   We aim to deliver an unmatched customer experience by focusing on our customer rather than the competition.

Howitzer’s obsession over doing the right thing by our customer is also evident in our pricing. We are proof that you can deliver the highest quality products at fair prices, while at the same time positively contributing to society.

As you will soon discover, we strive to continually innovate and design our sticks based on our customer feedback.

Quite simply, our business is for our customers first, and always.

Our people first mentality is not only evident in how we prioritize our customers buying experience but is also found in our Howitzer Heroes program.  Howitzer started out with the vision of having a greater purpose.  We knew we could provide the highest quality hockey sticks to our customers, but for us, our business had to have more meaning than this.

Howitzer believes strongly that all businesses have a Corporate and Social Responsibility.  Many businesses have initiated wonderful charitable contribution programs, which we sincerely admire.  However, for us to make this a success, as with our sticks, Howitzer wanted to take it to the next level.

To achieve our goals, we have developed the Howitzer Heroes program.

Howitzer Heroes – For every stick sold, Howitzer will donate Sporting Equipment on a one for one basis to children in need globally, including local communities as well as developing countries.