Howitzer Heroes


Every child deserves the chance to be a hero.

Howitzer firmly believes that every business has a Corporate and Social Responsibility to have a positive influence on society.  Our aim is to have a positive influence on the lives of children in need around the world.  We believe that every child needs a chance to lead a happy and healthy life.  Sports play a major role in promoting overall health and wellness, while teaching valuable leadership and teamwork skills.

It was Howitzer’s passion for helping children lead happier, healthy lives through athletic pursuits that led us to develop our Howitzer Heroes program.

Howitzer Heroes – For every stick sold, Howitzer will donate a percentage of sales to purchase Sporting Equipment for children in need globally, including local communities as well as developing countries.

Through Howitzer Heroes, we aim to make a significant difference in the lives of children in need around the world.

By purchasing a Howitzer hockey stick, you will directly Be The Difference in a child’s life.  You will have helped a child achieve their dreams of living a better, healthy life through exercise and participation in athletics.

Please bookmark this page, and check back regularly for updates on our donation goals, our achievements, and events held around the world.

This is your chance to do something great and make an impact with your game and your life.  Are you ready to Be The Difference?