Shockwave Intermediate

The Shockwave – Shock Your Game.

100 % Carbon, lightweight, ultra durable, well-balanced stick designed for maximum velocity shots with a quick release.



  • 465 grams
  • TORQ-X  shaft technology
    • New internal shaft structure
    • Cross-directional (X-Layering) of premium carbon fibres to maximize performance and strength to weight ratio
    • Powerful mid flex point
    • Optimized power transfer
    • Reduce vibrations
    • Resistance to impact damage, cracking and fatigue (maintains its "pop")
    • Ergonomically designed compression moulded dual concave shaft
    • Rounded corners fit comfortably in your hands resulting in improved puck handling.
  • DYNO-Taper
    • Optimized 18-inch taper
    • Lowers flex point for harder, more accurate shots with a quick release
  • ATGrip
    • Optimized textured grip to enhance stick control while allowing lower hand movement


  • PX2Core Blade.
    • One of the most powerful and durable blades on the market.
    • High-density polyurethane Mono-Core wrapped with multiple layers of high grade Carbon providing superior performance.
    • X layering of premium carbon provides extra impact resistance
    • Carbon 12K woven wrap provides impact resistance and increased durability
    • Proprietary hozzel structure design utilizing aerospace grade materials for unmatched durability.


Flex: 67

Grip: ATGrip, Matte Finish (65 Flex)

Blades Options:

(Comparable to Sakic)


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Price: $89.95

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