The Howitzer “Vault”

"The Impenetrable Safe"

Lightweight carbon fiber, super durable stick designed to withstand incoming cannons while providing ultimate protection, durability and control.  The addition of fiberglass to its design provides an option for goalies that prefer a slightly heavier feel.


  • 795 grams
  • Lightweight design for better maneuverability and puck handling characteristics.
  • Use of the highest grade carbon and glass fibers layered using an omni-directional technique resulting in a shaft with industry leading impact strength and durability
  • Ergonomically designed compression molded shaft.
  • Rounded Corners fit comfortably in your hands resulting in improved puck handling and control.
  • Available lengths of 27.5 " and 25.5 ".
    • 27.5 is designed for a taller goalie or those using a upright stance that prefer a longer paddle
    • 25.5 is designed for goalies below 6 ft or for those that prefer a shorter paddle.  This length is the most popular among goalies.


  • Mid curve with an open face is the most popular on the market
  • High-density PU foam core wrapped with multiple layers of high grade carbon resulting in industry leading durability

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Price: $129.95

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