The Helix – Winning Is In Its DNA.

100 % Carbon ULTRA-light weight, super durable, well-balanced stick, designed for maximum velocity shots with a quick release. Order Now

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  • 425 grams
  • Ergonomically designed compression molded dual concave shaft.
  • TORQTronic shaft technology shifts your game into high gear.
  • Ultra-light weight design for faster swing speed and better maneuverability.
  • DYNO-Taper promotes shaft-to-blade power transfer for hard, accurate shots with a quicker release.
  • Carbon 12K woven wrap provides impact resistance and increased durability.
  • Rounded Corners fit comfortably in your hands resulting in improved puck handling and control.
  • Anti-vibration internal shaft structure design.
  • Option of Advanced Tactical Grip spray to enhance stick control while allowing lower hand movement.


  • PX2Core Blade
  • Dual-Core Blade construction consisting of:
    • Aero-Foam Core located in hosel for increased loading and power transfer.
    • High-density polyurethane core located in blade area.
  • Wrapped with multiple layers of high strength carbon providing industry leading power, puck control and durability.
  • Proprietary internal hosel design including reinforced inner wall structure that increases the blades’ internal core stiffness and strength.
  • This core stiffness increases blade rigidity offering pin‐point shot accuracy.
  • Carbon 12K woven wrap provides impact resistance and increased durability.


Flex: 80, 85, 90, 100

Grip: Regular, Advanced Tactical Grip

Blade Options:

(Comparable to Sakic)

(Comparable to Modano)

(Comparable to Lidstrom)

(Comparable to Iginla)

(Comparable to Drury)

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