So many thanks for your care and share and coming to the kids last Sunday. They definitely love the games with you and the balls and financial aid you giving to them. It’s such a sweet and cool experience!  I guess it might be not a perfect day, but you can see how challenging the social issues with the disadvantaged children. Hopefully, we can make some little tiny difference to them.

Best wishes to Howitzer,

-Dang Thu Huong
5gio sang

March 29, 2011

My name is A.J. Howe and I have a Howitzer Helix, H.L, 90 Flex! I also have an s-19 and s-16 to compare torque and response! I found that the Howitzer lives up to its calling and is a great choice for a weapon! I compared it to the s-16 in how it was game stiff and responded well to quick shots! It feels great, moves slick and has a wicked response on the ice! I also believe there is a market for youth based client in this area! Plus a last name like mine I would push this product for your company!!! I would recomend trying and or purchasing Howitzer Hockey sticks!

-A.J. Howe

March 8, 2011
The Howitzer Helix is the best one piece stick I have owned to date. The stick is perfectly balanced top to bottom and the whip stays true game to game. I still can’t believe the velocity and accuracy this stick provides. There is no way I can go back to playing with any other stick. Get one today you won’t be disappointed!

Rob L.

February 1, 2011
I’ve had the Howitzer Helix H.L for 3 weeks. Having played NCAA and semi pro I’ve had my share of hockey sticks. This one ranks up there with the best. I have the grip which I prefer to rubbing my sticks every game with stick tape. This stick does have great feel, you’ll find the Helix much lighter than the Easton or Reebok sticks you can buy for $100 or $120. 90 flex is right for me, my shot could not be harder. I’ve been using the Easton SE16 100 flex for the last year. Having said that I must to give the edge to Howitzer, this is a powerful stick. It’s a well made stick and so far has not lost its whip, those of you who use one pieces will know what I mean. I recommend the Helix for those of you serious about your game and want a high performance stick for a reasonable cost. Definitely try the Helix before you spend $250-$300 on the other high performance sticks.


January 25, 2011
Love the Howitzer Helix! Amazing stick, great feel and snap shot definitely improved. Favorite one-piece I have played with to date.

-Dallas W.

January 4, 2011
I bought the Helix and was very impressed! I have owned probably 8 other one piece sticks over the years and found this one to have a much more crisp snap to it. The thing that really got me was that taking a hard pass on the 90 stiff shaft there is no vibration to the stick at all. Full marks!

– Ryan G.

January 3, 2011
Great product. I did a direct comparison with 2 mid range Bauer sticks(Vapor XX and Vapor V) The Helix was the superior stick by far and well worth the extra $50 compared to the value of the two Bauer sticks. Nice light weight, great transfer of power to the puck with minimal effort, and great feel of the puck all the way through the stick. Recommended to anyone looking for a high quality one piece at a good price.

– Andy

December 9, 2010
The Helix, the stick of all sticks.. The feel of the stick on the ice is incredible, gives you a feeling of control and tremendous power.. The stick has elevated my wrist shot by miles, hitting the top corners of the net like popping popcorn.. The grip is great and causes no slipping at all which makes handling the puck more convenient. The overall performance of the Helix is amazing and honestly felt like it provided me with more power on my wrist shots! Just playing with the stick gives me more confidence. I give it a rating of 8.5 out 10.. Superb….

– KJ

December 16, 2010
When I first stepped on the ice with the Shockwave I felt a difference right away. The light weight and flexibility allowed me to feel an automatic improvement in my ability to handle the puck and quick release of my shot. My comfort level and confidence increased as the game went on. I look forward to continued use with the Shockwave as I feel it is the best stick for hockey.

– Mo

October 27, 2010
I blasted the hardest shot ever last night with the Howitzer. I love this stick!

– David