Howitzer Hockey strives to produce the highest quality composite sticks with the strength and durability to meet our customers’ demands.

Howitzer’s goal is to ensure our customers have an exceptional buying experience, and are confident that they are purchasing a stick of the highest quality.  In short we firmly believe in the quality of our sticks.

As a result Howitzer has made a decision to offer a no-nonsense, simple warranty policy for our customers.  Simply put, we are tired of the policies where you as the consumer have to jump through hoops in order to exercise the warranty.

To demonstrate our commitment to our customers, Howitzer is pleased and honored to stand behind the quality of our hockey sticks by offering a one-time replacement of any broken stick within 30 days from the date of purchase as a result of a manufacturing defect.

The warranty is effective under the following conditions:

  1. Must present the original receipt along with the damaged stick in its entirety (no photocopies, credit card or bank statements.)
  2. The original serial number sticker must be present on the stick.  If this sticker has been removed, or tampered with then the warranty is void.
  3. The stick was purchased from an authorized Howitzer dealer (Warranty does not apply to second hand purchases, including but not limited to Ebay)
  4. The stick broke during normal use as a result of a manufacturers defect, and there is no evidence of stick abuse, misuse (including road hockey) or exposure to open flame.
  5. The stick damage was not caused by contact with another player, skate, stick, slashing, nets or boards.
  6. The stick was not a promotional giveaway or sample stick.
  7. The stick was not part of Howitzer Heroes Donation Program.
  8. After Howitzer acknowledges the damaged stick, the customer at their expense, is responsible for sending the stick, in its entirety, to Howitzer within 14 days.

To Return Your Stick

To take advantage of your sticks warranty please refer to the following process:

  1. If your stick was broken within the first 30 days of purchase please, and the above criteria is met please contact us by sending an email to warranty@howitzerhockey.com or call us on (613) 882-1775 between the hours of 0900-1800 EST.
  2. Please provide us with a brief explanation of how the breakage occurred, along with the serial number.
  3. Once our Howitzer representative acknowledges your contact, you have 14 days to return the stick, in its entirety to Howitzer at the customer’s expense.
  4. When returning the product, please ensure you include the stick in its entirety with the original serial number in tact, and the original sales receipt.
  5. Please ensure the stick is returned via a traceable method to allow for tracking and to give you the confidence that our office has received your returned stick.
  6. Once our office has received the stick, Howitzer will analyze to determine the cause of the stick breakage.  If it is found that the breakage is caused by a defect in the stick, then the same stick or equivalent model will be shipped back to you at Howitzers expense.The broken stick will not be shipped back to the customer but rather will be retained by Howitzer for further analyses in order to continuously improve upon our products.
  7. Should the circumstances arise where Howitzer is unable to immediately replace your broken stick due to high sales volumes we will offer you items, including a stick up to your original value of purchase.  We sincerely hope this policy provides a solution to any issues our customers may have.


Unfortunately this warranty excludes Professional/Semi-Pro, Junior and University/College team sales.

For bulk team sales, please discuss options with your Howitzer Representative.